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Funeral services in Bergen

Funeral director in the Bergen area

Bergen & Omegn Begravelsehjelp offers assistance with all practical arrangements when somebody dies. We have many years of experience with funerals and cremations, and are available 24/7. 

Who does what when somebody dies?

To lose a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences, and we all react differently. While some prefer to leave all the arrangements to a professional funeral director, others find help and comfort in being personally involved in every stage of the process. We want you to consider what is right for you. Our funeral director in Bergen can take care of all the practicalities, or we can guide you if you prefer to take care of any of the tasks yourself.

What needs to be done with regards to a funeral?

We can assist with transport of the deceased, obituaries and ceremony arrangements.  We also provide coffins and urns, memorials and flowers.

Contact us at 55 21 44 50 or post@bergenogomegn.no